Jia Jia the Femal Robot in Shanghai

China: Jia Jia, a female robot, can hold a simple conversation and perform surprising mimics

“Jia Jia” can hold a simple conversation and perform surprising female mimics. And his proud creator is convinced: these unusual humanoid cyborgs are heralds of a China populated by robots in the service of man.

Considered the first Chinese android, Jia Jia was unveiled last year by engineers from the University of Science and Technology of China.

The head of this team of researchers, Chen Xiaoping, appeared Monday as a bored father during the presentation of the prototype during a conference of the Swiss bank UBS organized in the financial district of Shanghai (east).

Within a decade, he says, robots with artificial intelligence like Jia Jia will be able to perform subaltern tasks in restaurants, retirement homes or Chinese hospitals.

“In 5 or 10 years, robots will be in high demand in China,” Chen said.

Featuring long black hair and dressed in a traditional Chinese dress, Jia Jia looks to be mistaken for a human. But its charm has its limitations and certain questions still leave it speechless.

She gives on the other hand without error the weather of the day, and chatters with ease with her interlocutor, whose sex, masculine or feminine.

“You are a charming man,” she compliments a visitor. Asked if she has a buddy, she says “prefer to remain single”.

Digital Intelligence

Advances in artificial intelligence are rapid and the many products of the genre have captured public attention last week at the CES electronics show in Las Vegas, USA: voice-controlled music playback , Or even robots capable of “learning” by accessing cloudless information (the cloud).

If Jia Jia is not there yet, its inventor Mr. Chen sees a good future for his fellow men.

According to him, with the economic development, many young Chinese disregard the jobs of waiters, and the aging of the population requires more hands – even if they are not human – in hospitals and retirement homes.
But Chen Xiaoping defuses the fears of a world dominated by ultra-intelligent robots, who would not want us to be good.

“As long as all this is done gradually and under control, I do not think it has any great influence on society. It will not be harmful to the human race,” explain Philip of Gentlemen Marketing Agency


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