5 Top articles about digital in China

Top review of the web with these interesting articles

You Want More Chinese Travelers? It’s Time to Go Digital

There are more than 600 million internet users in China and undeniably this is one of the biggest markets in the world. There is a repertoire of business that wish to enter the Chinese market. And how do you do so? Simply by going ‘DIGITAL’.



Let us know more about KOL: Key Opinion Leaders

Who are KOL?

KOL or Key Opinion Leaders are specialized individuals who are professionals in their own field. They have quite a large bit of followers on whom they have a huge influence. They come in a flotilla of presentations and packages.

A few of them could be actors or artists however if you wish to become a KOL its not fame that needs to be a prerequisite. There are a few of them who are experienced video bloggers who simply blog regularly in their respective social media podium. The key challenge here to is to comes across the one which suits your brand in the best possible way.



In China, Brands Have To Invest In Baidu: Know How To

If you are a brand in China new or old, you will undeniably need to invest in Baidu SEO. Recently Baidu had announced about its surge profit being 95% which is humongous. This is one of the reasons why, if you too wish to start a brand and get famous in China, you better start investing in Baidu SEO.



You Want More Chinese Tourists? Invest In Baidu Marketing

Approximately 58% of the Chinese search engine market is represented by Baidu. As you know Google cannot be used in China, you will need to ensure that you adept your SEO strategies on Baidu if you wish to be picked up and seen by Chinese tourists and consumers.

You need to understand the fact that Baidu SEO is quite different from SEO or Google SEO. This is the reason why it is necessary for you to get in touch with a professional SEO company that is well acquainted with the way in which Chinese search engines work.



Thousands of Chinese Travelers Search Information Everyday


As seen from the current data there are approximately millions of outbound Chinese tourists. While they do so, they like to share and stay connected with their family and friends. They love sharing experiences and reviews so that others in their community can gain the best from it.




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