Uber retreats, but Chinese consumers lose

Nobody wants a land war in Asia, not even Uber fight. It might burned piles of money for market share with local travel app Moloch Didi Chuxing, between marketing, rebates and incentives drivers fight.

Instead, Uber revealed.

It sells its Uber China operation to Didi in exchange for a 20% level in the merged company, while Didi $ 1 billion in Uber at a stunning $ 68 billion invested Rating

could Essentially Uber did not think enough of the Chinese market minus the enormous amount own, he would have spent with his new ally, to compete better do with 20% of Didi walk.

Eliminating this hole Uber had down throw money, the air is pure, but to IPO. If the deal concentrate Uber can win the rest of the world, it is not really a loss China concede. Only a battle had to sacrifice it as part of Word War ride.

But there is a loser in the Uber China – Didi Chuxing Fusion: the Chinese drive app users.

didi dache in China : the King

Without these two superpowers try each to undercut vthe fares and one-up each other on partner compensation, both drivers and riders are at the mercy of the left, which more looks much like an on-demand transport monopoly.

In comparison, when was hardcore competition there, Didi do not improve functionality race, from its app interface to its routing algorithms. It does not have as enticing offer bonuses to the men and women behind the wheel. And it must make concessions in order to get more cars on the road, so that it always has the shortest waiting time.

The ride-hailing company Chinese unit merges with local rivals and leader-Didi Chuxing cited in a $ 35 billion deal, according to a report by Bloomberg, a leaked draft blog post and anonymous sources. About China, which is a separate business unit owned by Uber, 20% of the shares of the merged entity will represent Uber founder and CEO Travis Kalanick said. Didi will make a $ 68000000000 review a $ 1 billion investment in Uber’s main business.

A blog entry was written by Kalanick the announcement of the merger circulating online has been claimed and obtained by Bloomberg. It hinted that Uber was probably the business earlier this week unveil planning.

“As an entrepreneur, I’ve learned that to be successful, is going to listen to the head as well as your heart,” Kalanick wrote. “Over and Didi Chuxing are investing billions of dollars in China and the two companies have yet to make a profit there. Getting to profitability is the only way to build a sustainable business, can serve the best Chinese riders, drivers and cities in the long term.”

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Last week, China ride-hailing officially legalized, accept both companies from the regulatory gray area.

Uber declined to the rumors to comment, while Didi has not returned Fortuna’s request for comment.

Uber expand the incredibly aggressive approach despite the world, China is an uphill battle from the get-go. When it officially in 2014 debuted its service in China in July, its market has been dominated by local businesses. Two of them, Didi roof and form kuaidi roof merged in February 2015 the current company, known at Didi Chuxing.

Moreover, as Uber more and more money to pump into the Chinese unit continued, his ability to eat at Didi market share away remained small. try also to any kind of progress in China to $ 1 billion year to lose, Uber remained the market share of Moll (Uber and Didi can not seem to the actual figures to be agreed).

China, historically lax local monopolies, is not likely to be a local business to break winner over antitrust concerns.

All this makes me grateful that the United States has in Lyft Uber nipping the heels, to keep it on its toes.

Whether Google Search bumping from Yelp Local results or Facebook approach to privacy, we have seen how rule of a technology room, the leaves of a company, the masses with less force.





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