Data is The Key in China

according to the Head of sales of Yahoo Inc., said in Taipei that the web portal considers the data as a new currency that can help marketers better understand their target audience.
“Data is the new currency and is a medium of exchange value between merchants and consumers,” said the Utzschneider Yahoo Digital Marketing Summit in Taipei, which attracted the participation of more than 1300 advertisers and specialists Marketing.

Utzschneider said the acquisition of Yahoo’s platform BrightRoll video advertising, mobile applications Flurry Analytics and start the social network Tumblr in the last two years has given Yahoo data and information on the behavior of the most interesting consumers.

When it comes to audience targeting, she said, the data can confirm assumptions traders on consumers or marketing it may surprise on consumers.



Utzschneider said when she joined Yahoo a year ago, she was excited about the amount of data Yahoo had, how relevant and useful, it was and what it meant data for marketing. source

The year 2015 can not be remembered as a good year for the traditional media industry in Hong Kong but there was more activity in the new media marketing company and advertising, while reaffirming the pressure on the processing industry.

We have seen a few newspaper and magazine staff layoffs and business closures this year in Hong Kong, mainly due to the trend of general decline in the activity of traditional media, including print and radio, that the younger generation radically change how they consume information.

Most media organizations rely on three revenue streams: subscriptions, both in printed and digital form; events and conferences such as those organized by the South China Morning Post; and advertising.

With the inevitable decline in print advertising, digital advertising is the future, and we can get a glimpse of what the future from three recent major developments in the Greater China region.


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