Chinese Online Marketing overview

“If other countries, e-commerce is a way of shopping, in China, it’s a lifestyle,” said Jack Ma (Alibaba).

Decryption of Internet market in China

2000 just over 2M of Chinese netizens. H1 2014: they are 640Millions, + 400Millions to buy online and the rate of Internet penetration is less than 50% … .la China, often a key market where B2C is expected to grow faster, and exceed, the C2C still large majority

advertising model

According to the study “China’s E-commerce Market Herculean” GroupM *, almost a quarter of Chinese buying online to the bathroom, more than half do not sleep late at night to buy, and more than 1 in 5 said their shopping addiction negatively affects their “family harmony”.

Jack Ma, chairman of Alibaba, “if other countries, e-commerce is a way of shopping, in China, it’s a lifestyle.” According to Nie Linhai, deputy inspector of the Ministry in charge of E-commerce “The E-commerce is a class may be more because everyone is.”

Tickets for the inevitable market?

Apparel and Accessories remain the leader of online shopping, followed by electronic products and consumer durables, finally, bags, beauty products categories and personal care

Gray market (genuine products sold without permission of the marks) and counterfeits that are hurt the brand image of a hand, sharing of consumer data, inability to customize their storefront on the other, are the main obstacles to opening a shop on the leader Tmall (B2C-Alibaba) platform. Jingdong (JD). The cost is another

Access to 300million active buyers on Tmall and Taobao (C2C) convince an increasing number of brands, including Burberry. For Exane BNP Paribas, “Luxury brands need to be much more present on the internet and Tmall is one of the most professional players in China. In 5 years, all the luxury brands will be present on market places. “Alibaba wants to be very promising incentive to withdraw counterfeits once the e-store open, courting and all-out luxury brands with the ambition to create a site on Tmall Deluxe, between premium brands and mass market …

Brands in Fashion & Cosmetics

But many brands, including Fashion & Cosmetics, do not count join the first marketplace (English TopShop recently chose Fashion Site Shangpin). Millions of consumers are also looking for individualization crowd the hundreds of sites less “mainstream”, more “niche”, promoting Chinese designers and / or Western, to find their style, but also discount sites, flash sales and 2nd hand, all illustrating the growing sophistication and discerning consumers

Following the “Mi Fan Festival” on April 8, the smartphone maker Xiaomi and accessories would become the 3rd e-commerce platform and after Tmall JD: 1,3million smartphones and nearly 4.8 million accessories were sold in 8:00 for $ 243 million to $: a record in China for daily transaction with an independent online retailer.

Express delivery and payment “on the map”

Very fast and inexpensive shipping in China contributes to the popularity of online shopping
Alibaba outsources the delivery of its products to third-party, including China Post, which would delay it does not fail to exploit his challenger Jingdong (JD) who has her own “fleet” of steeds which can sometimes deliver in less than 3 hours. JD encourage them to return to work today at home in the provinces, to meet the rapid expansion of e-commerce in China “inside” and so develop a national coverage source

American services UPS and Fedex have just announced the acquisition of new licenses to serve 33 and 58 Chinese cities respectively, while facing competition from China Post, and private companies tells Shentong Express and SF Express (DHL s’ retired in 2011) source


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