Smartphone Boost Digital Shopping in China

Smartphone Boost Digital Shopping in China

e-commerce companies are preparing for a time when growth slows hunting new areas such as mobile phones and tablets. According to Nielsen data, desktops and laptops to still used by more than 70% of people shopping online. In a filing with U.S. regulators Monday in what is expected to be a massive takeover bid, Alibaba cited spending to attract mobile users is one of the reasons for a decline in operating margins in the quarter ended in March.


It is much more easy with a mobile

They are chasing customers like Dianxin Wang, an engineer of 38 years, who said he buys almost everything online. “You always have your phone with you,” he said. “It’s easy.”

“ecommerce gives huge opportunity for western Brands “explain the founder of ecommerceagency


The ability to get online anywhere and at any time is the main attraction of mobile shopping, Nielsen said, although consumers also said the small screen size on mobile phones and speeds low to turn off the connection. Best website design and upgrade of 4G networks could help spur more mobile shopping, said Tao Nielsen.


Consumer prefer online shopping

Consumers aged 30 and 40 with a secure income are the biggest users of online shopping, Nielsen found. Some younger consumers are comfortable with technology, but limited by income, while others are skeptical about the quality of products purchased online.

The report is based on a sample of 4,500 online shoppers from 14 major cities in China interviewed in the first quarter of this year.

Online shopping in China is not only for young people, according to a new study. This could be good news for an industry already rapid growth of electronic commerce that is aimed primarily at young people.


While the number of online shoppers are still in their 20s and 30s, a survey released Tuesday by the data provider Nielsen stated that the number of online consumers aged 55 and over increased by 72% between 2012 and 2013. She cited data from Taobao, one of China’s largest commercial sites, which is owned by Alibaba Group, but did not provide the underlying figures.


China could become the oldest company in the world by 2030

“China could become the oldest company in the world by 2030,” said Tao Libao, a Nielsen officer of e-commerce, in a prepared statement. “Online consumers aged deserve more attention both current online retailers and brick-and-mortar retailers are venturing online.” People aged over 60 could be 30% of the population China in 2030, Mr. Tao said.


They surveyed said they tend to be more cautious buyers, attracted by the price comparison and special discounts since they often have less income than younger.

“It’s cheaper to buy online,” said Zhang Jinnian a customer in Beijing in his fifties who used the Internet to shop for the last year. Meanwhile, she bought clothes, shoes and a bike online. “It is always more expensive in a store,” said Ms. Zhang, who declined to give his exact age.

Why Online sales surged

Online sales in China surged. They reached 1.85 trillion yuan (297 billion dollars) in 2013, up nearly 30% over the previous year, Nielsen said, citing the China Internet Network Information Center, the agency administration of the Internet in the country. This would explain 7.9% of retail sales in China last year.

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